Why is the car headlight tape so important, the car headlight tape can escort your driving safety

Car headlight tape is a good helper to avoid cracks and scratches caused by friction. So what do you need to pay attention to when using car headlight tape? Fully clean the surface of the lights and try to remove all dust and oil. When pasting the tape, ensure that the edge of the tape is completely fitted to the surface of the lamp to avoid pulling and folding. You can cut it out to size and then stick it on. Don't stick tape on your headlights for more than three months. If the tape is not changed for a long time, the surface of the headlights may be corroded due to the chemical composition of the tape. Be careful and gentle when applying the tape. Pulling too much tape too hard or at once can cause the tape to break or leave paint and scratches. The tape on the rearview mirror is pointed, and it must be affixed in the direction of the arrow, otherwise it may cause the tape to fall off during friction or the tape may block the field of view of the rearview mirror and affect the driving safety. Automotive headlight tape is generally composed of polyester film and anti-fouling coating. Its main role has the following points: to protect the surface of the lamp from the influence of friction, to avoid the occurrence of lamp deformation, cracks, scratches and so on. Improve the recognition and brightness of the headlights, so that the headlights shine farther and brighter. Keep your lights clean and bright, free from dust and rain. Because the essence of the headlight tape is a kind of anti-fouling coating, it can make the stain not

Jul 31,2023

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