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Car tape

DF07 auto sealing tape is butyl rubber as the main raw material, with other polymer materials processing made of a lifelong non-consolidation type self-adhesive waterproof sealing tape, its characteristics: finger pressure adhesion is easy, with the car steel plate and waterproof film have good adhesion, can maintain long-term viscoelasticity and waterproof. At the same time has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and water resistance, the product does not contain solvent, lifetime does not cure, the adhesive surface plays a sealing, shock absorption, protection and other functions, the adhesive surface thermal expansion and contraction and mechanical deformation has excellent following, is a very advanced waterproof sealing material.
  • Commodity name: Car tape
  • Description
  • ● DF10 auto self-adhesive damping film

    DF10 auto self-adhesive damping film is a product developed and produced by our company on the basis of hot melt vibration reduction, noise reduction and heat insulation film. It is mainly used in the roof of the car, the inner surface of the skin outside the car door and the vertical part of the interior of the car body. It can be made into a variety of different shapes and thicknesses according to the needs of users, and it is attached to the application part by the adhesive of pressure sensitive adhesive without heating. Compared with the original spray or brush coating process, it has the advantages of simple construction and suitable for assembly line production, no environmental pollution, easy thickness guarantee and high bonding strength, and is well received by automobile manufacturers. It is a kind of vibration reduction, noise reduction and heat insulation material for cars, buses, tour buses and all kinds of cars, and has been widely used by automobile manufacturers.

    ●  Product performance

    Appearance: no obvious cracks or cracks on the surface;

    Density: 1.45±0.1g/cm³;

    Tensile strength: ≥0.6MPa; Preservation: long-term viscous;

    Appearance after melting: the surface has no obvious crack or crack

    Shear strength: ≥0.5MPa; Heat flow: does not flow

    Low temperature impact resistance: no peeling, no cracking;

    ED coating pollution: no rust

    Flammability: ≤80mm/min

    Droop: No droop

    ●  Instructions

    The required size and thickness of the film, after the topcoat, remove the anti-stick paper, adhere to the application site and compact.

    ●  Product Specifications

    Can be produced according to user requirements.

    Specifications: 2x250x400mm

    ● Storage

    This product is not flammable, but do not close to the heat source, prevent direct sunlight, so as to avoid deformation. The storage period is 180 days.

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